Across the Fence | August
In support of FENCES, Paramount Pictures, Values Partnerships, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement and partners across the country are launching the “Across the Fence” campaign during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.
FENCES, Across the Fence, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Paramount Pictures
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August, I love you. But you know that, I think, because we go outside every day and I let you climb the big dirt pile even though mommy doesn’t want you to; and I sing the original “that’s daddy’s baby” song when you going to sleep. You are 14 months ol, and every month has stretched my…amazement…for you even further.


Some dads say that when their baby is born, a light-switch goes off and they immediately have all of the emotions, reactions, instincts of a father. That wasn’t me, kid. I was lovingly flabbergasted the first day, confused the first week, and flummoxed the first month. But every day I get stronger, a little wiser and a little more in touch with you. To be clear, your mom is more in touch. But I’m getting there.


Sending this message to your beautiful little self, #AcrossTheFence. Love you kid.